Amaziga is a brand agency that helps companies build a solid bond with their customers.


Process Overview

1. Discovery

First, we gather essential information about your company and your customers as well as your goals and aspirations.

2. Strategy

We then proceed to the thinking phase where we determine how your brand should be in order to maximize audience appeal while satisfying your key objectives.

3. Design

Now that all of your goals have been clearly identified, we can lean into the creative phase and explore the visual possibilities.

4. Delivery

After we have agreed on all assets, we will provide you with the deliverables and a useful guide for their implementation.
Your brand is now ready to shine.


Our name comes from the Amazighs, the indigenous people of North Africa. It means “The Free Men.”

Free is what we want to be and it is what we believe everyone should be. Of course, some people do not want to be free, they sometimes prefer security to freedom and tend to follow the safest paths.

Most entrepreneurs have an insatiable appetite for freedom, and that is why they take the most difficult, the most uncertain, the riskiest paths, the ones that may seem stupid to the prudent, but they are the ones that offer great rewards.

If you are one of them ‒ if your product or service respects the liberty of the people ‒ then we would love to work with you!

Our mission is to reduce your risk by building an amazing brand that your customers will identify with.


A logo is not a brand. A logo is the icing on the cake. A brand is the gut feeling people have of a company.

What this means is that you can not have total control over the image your brand projects. However, you can have an impact on that image through the actions you take and the identity you build for your business.

By understanding what your company does, who your customers are, and how the market you are in is, we are able to give you proposals for solutions to ensure that your company has the right identity.

Our job is to help you determine how your brand should act and speak, and how it should look and feel, then we can set the brand positioning and create all the graphic elements, including the logo of course.

By proceeding this way, you get a brand with a unique identity and a strong personality that does not go unnoticed.


1. Discovery Session

During our first meeting, we gain thorough insight about your company, your vision, and your goals.
It is also imperative that we have a good grasp of your target group as your brand must ultimately appeal to them.

For more information on strategy see “Branding Explained Simply.”

2. Translate Into Words

Once all the information is gathered and that your brand is defined, we can begin identifying keywords that embody the brand’s essence and help in the formulation of a visual aesthetic.

3. Translate Into Stylescapes

A stylescape is like a moodbord, but more complex. It is made of images, illustrations, colors, typography, and patterns.
Stylescapes are here to help you get a good picture of the different possible directions.

4. Get Agreement

In our second meeting, we will present the initial stylescapes. After a round of feedback and discussion, we can proceed to making a final decision.

5. Prototype

As soon as the direction has crystalized, we can commence with designing.

6. Refine

After the agreed-upon number of revision rounds and once all of the elements have been selected, it is time to realize the final design.

7. Deliver

Upon completion, the assets will be delivered.
Now you can press forward confidently knowing your brand has a fully formulated personality.